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Our Staff

The Lighthouse Nursery prides itself on the quality of our staff and recognise that they are our biggest asset. The owner - Judy Hall - will only employ people who she would be happy to look after her own children, both of whom have attended the nursery prior to going to school.

Our ratio of qualified to unqualified staff considerably exceeds the Ofsted standards of 50:50, and is at 85% plus. All of our Nursery Assistants are undertaking a recognised childcare qualification. All of the staff are enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to providing high quality childcare and have a genuine love of children.

During your look around the Lighthouse Nursery, you will meet the Deputy Manager or Owner as usual but will also be introduced to the Room Supervisors and full-time Nursery Nurses who are the children's key carers. You will be invited to stay for a while so that you can talk to them and also see them at work. We believe that getting to know who will be looking after your child on a daily basis is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a nursery.

Call us to arrange a look around: 01926 427048 | email:

Lighthouse Nursery
“Staff are kind and nurturing. Leaders and staff are passionate about their role in preparing children to be the very best they can be”.
Ofsted inspection 26th February 2020
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