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Where children socialise, learn, grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.
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Baby & Younger Toddlers Room: A large light room with a soft play area. It provides a stimulating environment with a relaxed atmosphere. The main priority of the carers in this room is to really get to know the babies so that their needs can be met and the next stage of development can be anticipated and stimulated.

Older Toddlers: Here the children start to develop their language and social skills, experiment with an even wider range of creative materials, play more complex games, start role playing in earnest and refine physical skills such as ball play and riding the bicycles and scooters.

Playschool (2-3 years): Children in this age group continue to develop their skills and a wider range of more complex equipment such as computers, scissors, letter and number toys etc are introduced. The children are also encouraged to develop social skills such as sharing, turn taking and active listening.

Preschool (3 years plus): In this room we gently start preparing the children for reception classes at school. They are encouraged to develop an even wider range of skills and to become increasingly independent. We continue however to achieve the required learning outcomes through play, creative and group work rather than classroom style learning.

Garden: We are very proud of our garden at the Lighthouse Nursery and believe that it adds another real dimension to the experiences we can offer.

The garden features a large wooden play boat, a balance beam, sand pit, digging area, vegetable patch and numerous toys. It is therefore a marvellous place for the children to learn about nature, colours and the weather as well as to 'let off steam' and practise physical skills.

Call us to arrange a look around: 01926 427048 | email:

Lighthouse Nursery - OutstandingLighthouse Nursery Alex Drumming
“The exciting and captivating environment helps children to flourish and their imagination is limitless. The extensive range of resources ignites their curiosity to learn more”.
Ofsted inspection 26th February 2020
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